Michelle Obama Pregnant Rumor

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Now at this point this entirely a rumor, but a pregnant Michelle Obama is all the buzz. For some reason, the India Times is reporting sheÂ’s pregnant. Because theyÂ’re so in the know, what being in India and all. Michelle Obama has not responded, but (in the spirit of the report) she should probably tell their rumor to go screw itself.

But with all the people saying how close they were dancing Inauguration Night, is it any shock Michelle Obama would be pregnant? I mean, we all know what dancing leads toÂ… If youÂ’re not drunk that is. Then it leads to shame. And tears.

Or maybe thatÂ’s just me.

And am I the only one here that would totally bag Michelle Obama (if she’s NOT pregnant that is)? Not because she’s pretty fit for a 45 year old (meow!), but because then she’s so totally be choosing me over Barack – you know, the most powerful man in the world. Yes, I know it’s a sort of messed up system of sexual politics, but I’d so totally hit it.



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