Michelle Obama’s Inauguration Hair Gets Joan Rivers’ ‘Fashion Police’ Treatment!

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It didn’t take long before First Lady Michelle Obama’s inauguration hairdo was called into question. Thanks to Joan Rivers and Twitter, opinions about Obama’s hair sparked quite the conversation.

Joan Rivers, host of the popular television show Fashion Police nominated herself as judge and jury when it came to Mrs. Obama’s hair for the big occasion. Joan tweeted, “Today starts President Obama’s next four years in the White House. Let’s hope the same isn’t true about the First Lady’s new hairdo.”

Look, Joan Rivers has made a name for herself by critiquing red carpet fashion. The difference here is, this is an inauguration, not the Academy Awards or some red carpet movie premiere.

Several people came to Michelle Obama’s defense, calling out Joan for not knowing when “enough is enough,” and saying that the First Lady looked “fabulous.” It is hardly surprising that Joan Rivers would try to take a jab at someone’s fashion. Being mean gets much more attention than just saying how pretty Obama looked, right? This all boils down to Joan being Joan!

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