Michelle Obama’s Ire(land) at White Illinois Powerbrokers

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First Lady Michelle Obama harbored serious anger toward white Irish-Catholic clans who’ve run Illinois government for eons, according to a controversial Jodi Kantor book.

Maybe the president and his wife, a Chicago native, are not the “post-racial” figures they claim. Could this ethnic animosity have contributed to the recent ousting of White House Chief of Staff William Daley whose brother and father ruled the Midwestern metropolis for decades? Possibly, the president jettisoned Daley because he was aware of the book’s release date this week.

“She particularly resented the way power in Illinois was locked up generation after generation by a small group of families, all white Irish Catholic — the Daleys in Chicago, the Hynes and Madigans statewide,” the book states.

Of course, the media will think of a way to explain away Obama’s bigotry, and will slam Kantor, who is a New York Times writer and actually very liberal. But, the book grants new insight into the relationship between Barack Obama and Daley, who never clicked with each other.

Daley’s brother, Richard M., was mayor of Chicago from 1989 to 2011, and his father, Richard J., was boss for 21 years. The Obamas were galled when Valerie Jarrett, one of their close friends and advisors, was forced out of Chicago City Hall in 1995.

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