Michelle Parker: Dale Smith’s Dead Ex-Wife May Hold Clues

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There has been a new development in the case of the missing woman, Michelle Parker. It appears that Dale Smith had been married before he met and dated Parker, but his ex-wife died from an overdose in 2001. Although she cannot share her experiences with Dale herself, her family is now speaking out in hopes of finding some clues to locate the missing woman. A new Examiner article discusses what the dead woman’s family had to say.

Dale Smith’s ex-wife, Shannon Collins, died while Smith was in jail on domestic abuse charges that were linked directly to Shannon. She was living with Smith’s parents at the time of her death. In other words, the family of Collins is sharing that Shannon was a victim of abuse during her marriage to Smith and she even landed in the hospital in 2000 because of head injuries caused by Dale.

So why is this so important to the case of Michelle Parker? Shannon’s brother, Jeff Collins, told Today that Smith was both physically and mentally abusive to his sister. Although Smith was not directly involved with Shannon’s death, it should not be ruled out that his abusive could kill someone. If you have to go to the hospital for a head injury, there is no ruling out that a head injury bad enough could be fatal.

Since Michelle Parker already had a restraining order against him, it shows that he was violent towards her and that she feared for her life. Shannon’s family doesn’t point the figure directly at Dale, but they are hoping that this new information could give investigators some clues that would help find Michelle.

Does this new information change your perception of Dale Smith? Do you think he had something to do with Michelle Parker’s disappearance?

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