Michelle Parker Updates: New Clues Found on iPhone, Benefit on Thursday

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The search for Michelle Parker is presenting some new clues after investigators have examined the missing woman’s iPhone. This comes while friends and family plan a benefit event for their missing loved one, to be held Thursday.

It’s good to hear that there are new clues in the disappearance of Michelle Parker, but it’s best that the investigators keep these clues to themselves. That is exactly what they’re doing, but it’s only a matter of time before some of the little details leak out to the media. Orlando Police Chief Paul Rooney addressed the recent find, and said that there are some new leads being checked out in regards to the missing woman’s iPhone, which was reported in the first place as being in “remarkably good condition.”

When it was first reported that Michelle’s phone was found, it was immediately brought up how strange it was that this phone was in “good shape.” That’s because the phone was missing for a month. If the iPhone had been under water for an entire month, wouldn’t there be some oxidation or other damage? Forensic investigators have been combing over the contents of Michelle Parker’s iPhone 4, and it’s quite apparent that they’ve garnered more information for use in either finding her or building a case against someone—whether it be their prime suspect, Dale Smith, or someone new.

Benefit for Michelle Parker

In a high-profile missing person case, like the disappearance of the People’s Court mom, money is needed. In fact, without money to fund volunteer searches and other finer points in seeking information on a vanished loved one, it’s harder to bring closure to the situation. Benefits serve a multitude of purposes in these scenarios. In the case of Michelle L. Parker, three young children have been left behind. Dale Smith has custody of them, and the parents of the missing woman have visitation rights. This family needs help in any way they can get it, while still continuing their endeavors in finding Michelle.

The benefit will be held at Alligator Alley in Kissimmee. There will be live music among other entertaining aspects. Any help offered is most definitely appreciated by this family, who are going through an unspeakably tough situation.

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