Michelle Rodriguez Product of Incest: Her Darkest Secret Revealed!

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Celebrity Michelle Rodriguez is ultra hot and a family history of incest may be one of the reasons why. Her recent appearance on PBS’s show Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. unearthed an interesting, albeit stomach-churning discovery that her great-great grandparents had a pastime hobby of doing the nasty among cousins.

Well, the secret is out, to be as beautiful as Michelle, one might have to be a product of incest. No biggie right? Wrong. Incest is probably one of the worst practices around.

The A-list actress commented, “I guess my father’s side loved to do it in the family.” However, don’t expect the Avatar star to follow in her family’s footsteps. Michelle Rodriguez stated, “Even though my great-grandparents were first cousins, I don’t think I’ll ever go down that path if I ever get married.”

In some parts of the world, inbreeding is still encouraged. Fortunately, many people shun the practice because of the moral issues and genetic risks involved. In the case of Michelle’s family, they did it because of another reason and it gets downright awful.

Apparently, Rodriguez’s Puerto Rican family practiced inbreeding to keep up the family’s lighter skin color. Back in the days, lighter skin color meant being classier. So, to avoid the pitfalls of being tanned, they took the genetic risks of inbreeding. Truth be told, inbreeding is nothing to joke about and usually it’s not. People who practice it keep everything hush-hush.

In Michelle’s case, the facts couldn’t be hidden. Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. is all about uncovering the hidden secrets of a celebrity’s bloodline.

Rodriguez also made another interesting discovery about herself on the show: she’s 73 percent European, 21 percent black, and six percent Native American. Now, who says PBS shows are boring?

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