Michigan Banana Car is Really Steve Braithwaite’s Ford F-150 (photo)

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Steve Braithwaite is the owner of the banana car that cruised through Michigan. The banana car ain’t like the car your mama bought you when you were 16 and it ain’t like the car you bought yourself when you were 25. Let’s just say it is unique and unlike many.

Braithwaite, 51, took his Ford F-150 and changed it up to look like a giant ripe banana that seats about three or four people. It is truly a different kind of car and the owner is definitely quirky. The reason Braithwaite visited Flint, Michigan was because over two years ago, he had bought the Ford F-150 at a junkyard there. See more and larger photos here.

Steve Braithwaite is now going to leave Michigan and tour the world in his banana car. He is getting a lot of looks and a lot of photos are taken of him. Seriously, wouldn’t you take a few photos of someone driving around in a banana car?

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