Michigan Drug Testing Welfare Applicants: Will it Become Law?

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Michigan drug testing welfare applicants is a discussion being brought up again by the Michigan Department of Human Services. Over a decade ago, the courts declared this practice too controversial and could not allow it. However, a feasibility study has already been conducted, and those wanting to make this work plan to work alongside the legislature to work out any potential legal kinks to start the practice of Michigan drug testing welfare applicants.

“Our research shows it can be done. We have people in prominent roles here in the department who feel it should be done,” said David Akerly, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for DHS. “Exactly how and when that would happen is to be determined. It is very early in the process.”

Drug testing welfare applicants is obviously a good thing. With this country so much in debt, it is important that tax dollars are not doled out only to be spent on drugs and other non-necessities (such as cigarettes and alcohol). Are all welfare applicants on drugs? Of course not. Most are not. However, if a working man or woman is going to be drug tested to keep an honest job, then why shouldn’t a person be drug tested to get benefits that said working man or woman is paying for with his or her taxes? It only seems fair. Also, since most applicants are “clean,” they won’t have an issue and will have the cost of the drug test refunded anyway, so it will cost them nothing and they will go on with their welfare.

Drug testing for welfare applicants in Michigan is something that is just in the proposal stage at this time. However, since this practice has passed and is currently being done in the state of Florida, there is a chance that Michigan could pass it, too, as well as other states throughout the country.

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