Michigan lottery winner, Amanda Clayton death update: How she was found and by whom

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Clutching her one and a half year old daughter, Amanda Clayton, the Michigan lottery winner that took home a million dollars from the state’s Make Me Rich! jackpot died on Saturday of an apparent overdose according to WPTV.

But autopsy and toxicology results are not back yet, so police could change their position on the possible cause of death.

According to her friend’s boyfriend, who asked to be kept nameless—and probably for the same reason she sought anonymity after winning the jackpot—Clayton was very troubled about how the new found wealth brought her only fame and the troubling concerns that others just wanted to use her for her money.

He also talked about the fact she had been charged with felony welfare fraud for continuing to take food stamp and medical benefits after she won her million dollar windfall, and said “What’s $5,500? She paid it off.”

Who says winning a lot of money is the answer to life’s problems? It sounds like it might have just compounded hers. And it certainly can’t guarantee life, as her friend’s husband noted.

“All the money in the world can’t bring her back.”

The lottery winner found dead in her friend’s home after she asked them to babysit her son and daughter, and returned to pick the children up, eventually fell asleep first on one of the beds in the home, with her little girl, and she never woke up.

The 25-year-old Michigan lottery winner had arrived to the home in a shaky condition, according to her friend’s boyfriend, which included having very shaky legs. But she managed to say prayers with her children, and to eat dinner with them. Next came a movie with her daughter, in another room of the house on one of the family’s beds, which would eventually lead to her passing away as the child lay next to her.

As if she were aware of her limited time left, Amanda Clayton set up college funds for her children and began buying things for her family, dying with only $67,000 left of her one million winnings.

And now police believe her death was the result of a drug overdose, and that leaves her children without the mom they loved. And it leaves her finally rid of those who began to want what she must have seen as her lucky break: jackpot money.

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