Michigan, North Dakota Temperatures to Reach 50 Below 0 on Monday

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Minnesota and North Dakota temperatures are expected to reach an incredible 28 degrees below zero on Monday night, and with the wind chill the temperatures could reach around minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature got to two degrees on Saturday but Monday night’s drop will make Saturday seem like Summer.

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Temperatures like this aren’t really that uncommon in the area however, so it is likely that people in these states are already prepared. However, if there are any homeless that are left out in the cold, they may sustain serious injury or even die because of the temperature, since frostbite can set in easily. States need to be making sure that they have enough shelters for the homeless in every affected city. The elderly will also be susceptible to the temperatures.

The CDC warned people in affected areas to stay indoors and not to go outside for more than a minute for two. Frostbite is a real danger since with a breeze blowing, it can happen in about five minutes. What is also a factor is that cold weather makes the heart work extra hard, which can be dangerous for those with a heart condition.

Temperatures seem to be fluctuating all over the globe and it might be due to global warming or other factors. People have become desensitized to reports of strange weather because it is so commonplace, but with numbers like these, those that have to contend with Minnesota and North Dakota temperatures need to take precautions.

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