Microsoft May Dump Points (At Last)

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If you have a Zune, an Xbox, or a related Microsoft applications, you know about Microsoft points. If creating a digital currency and forcing all users to adopt it sounds foolish, you’re in luck – Microsoft may finally be agreeing with you.

Not all point systems are poor, but Sony has never required users to convert dollars into points, and Nintendo points are at least straightforward. But Microsoft points, with a mad-hatter 80 points to 1 dollar ratio, annoyed gamers and Zune lovers from the beginning. The conversion took time, created confusion, and offered only a small selection of bundles for purchase.

Buying games with Microsoft points felt bad enough, but then the Zune marketplace adopted the same system, and Microsoft gave all its fans a slap in the face in 2009 when it released the Games on Demand service in 2009, real currency option included. If Microsoft could allow real currency all along, why has it held to the ridiculous points system? Apparently the company is running out of reasons, because Inside Mobile Apps has a source that said this year is the final year for Microsoft points.

Sure, the points made it easier for Microsoft to manage user interfaces without worrying about multiple currencies from dozens of different nations. But the cost was annoying its customers, who kept casting looks of longing at the simpler real-world currency stores used by Sony and other competitors. Of course, the question now becomes: how will Microsoft charge? Will it have a digital wallet system? And how will prices on the Zune and Xbox change in response?

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