Middle School Bullies Arrested After Video of Their Bullying Goes Viral

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Two Las Vegas middle school bullies have been arrested and charged with battery for assaulting another teen. The 13 and 15-year-old boys were caught on camera attacking a 13-year-old special needs students. The video was posted online and went viral, sparking outrage among parents.

Last Wednesday, the two teen brothers confronted Gregory Sams after school. According to the victim, the younger brother accused of him of talking badly about his family. Out of nowhere, the young man punches Gregory in the head. The assault continued and when Gregory tried to get away, the older brother chased him across an apartment complex parking lot and continued to beat him. It is heart wrenching to watch this young man be hurt.

The fight was filmed by a couple of other kids who thought it was great entertainment to watch a defenseless boy be attacked. Their idea of fun has landed the brothers in big trouble after the video made it online. Police saw the video and have taken action. Thank goodness these kids were arrogant enough to post the video. Otherwise, their actions may have gone unpunished and would likely be repeated.

The brothers are both facing battery charges, but the 15-year-old’s troubles are even worse. After he beat up Gregory, he thought it would be cool to flash some gang signs for the camera. That action has earned him more charges. And the kids that are standing around and encouraging the aggressors, they will be held accountable as soon as they are identified along with the kids responsible for filming the attack.

The mother of the two bullies has publicly apologized and promises the boys will be disciplined. Yes, they will, but not by her alone. They are headed down a path that will lead to an early death or a life behind bars. The younger brother has been suspended from school and the older, well, he isn’t in school. He is home schooled.

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