Middleton family embarrassed by Pippa’s photos

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The Middleton family is reportedly embarrassed about Pippa’s scandalous photo leak. The younger sister of the Duchess of Cambridge has been faced with the brutal reality of being a celebrity, and it’s been a rough week for her.

“The whole faPippa Middleton Prince Philipmily is furious at what they see as a betrayal,” says a friend of the family. Of course these feelings are to be expected, and it’s certainly not surprising. Even though the photos of Pippa are from years ago, they still expose more than the Middleton’s appreciate.

It is hard to say that the photos were scandalous because Pippa was just a regular girl having a good time. While she was dancing with a scantily clad guy while in her bra and a skirt, there really isn’t anything majorly wrong with that. She was just partying like so many other “normal” kids do. The media is making this more of a scandal because of Kate and William’s nuptials. It’s really unnecessary.

No one can blame the Middletons for being angry over these photos because this is being blown way out of proportion. It seems as though more and more photos will continue to surface as people are eating this with a spoon.

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