‘Midnight In Paris’ Co-stars Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen Dating? Ryan Gosling Cries!

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Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen, co-stars in “Midnight in Paris,” are rumored to be dating. The rumor mill wants to know, if they undoubtedly are an item! Though Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen have not confirmed the fact that they are dating, they sure seem to be together.

According to People magazine, the “Midnight in Paris” stars were seen holding hands and spending lots of time together, while in Toronto, Canada. The lovey dovey stars are not putting their stamp of approval on the fact that they are dating, but People Magazine is willing to stake their reputation on it!

Rachel McAdams and Michael Sheen acted together in “Midnight in Paris,” which is scheduled to hit theatres in 2011. This is not the first time that McAdams has dated, while working. What happened to the rule: no dating co-workers?

McAdams is ignoring this rule, and for good reason. The no dating rule does not apply to Hollywood! It seems as if Hollywood loves to see their actors and actresses dating! It makes easy gossip about their new movies. After all, producers of Twilight started the rumor of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart dating, right?

Rachel McAdams dated Ryan Gosling while taping “The Notebook.” The actress is now 33 years old, while her knight in shinging armor is 41. Will McAdams and Sheen’s dating last? Well, with only a handful of Hollywood hook-ups lasting, it is most doubtful!

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