Midwest Farmers Wait on Levee Decision

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Farmers in the Midwest are waiting to see if the portion of the levee the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blew up six weeks ago will be repaired. Over 130,000 acres of farmland in Missouri was flooded to prevent flooding of residential areas that are home to almost 3,000 people along the Missouri River.

According to Reuters, waiting is what these farmers will need to do. In a year of unprecedented flooding, more flooding is on its way. Although the good news is that officials do not believe this second wave of flooding on the river will be as bad the first.


The farmers worry about their lands and how late in the growing season it is. The longer they have to wait to plant, the later the crop will be. Planting too late could ruin their crop for the entire season. The losses, which would be in the millions, would be another hard hit for an already weak U.S. economy.

Waiting on the floods and the rebuilding of the levees has put the residents’ lives on hold. “There’s no such thing as normal anymore,” said Kevin McNulty, a former Corps member who lives just outside of Olive Branch, Illinois, one of the hardest-hit areas of this past flood.

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