“Mike and Molly” Among Latest to Be Bullied by Insensitive Blogger Maura Kelly

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Marie Claire blogger and writer Maura Kelly recently posted an article with the title “Should Fatties get a Room? (Even on TV)?”  She naively claims she is not much of a TV person, then goes on to offend the actors in the show and overweight people everywhere. When writing for any publication that millions would read, being informed about the actual topic should be priority and take precedence.

Kelly was referring to the new sitcom on CBS called “Mike and Molly”.  The show is based upon two individuals that meet at an Eater’s Anonymous meeting and spark a relationship.  Billy Gardell plays Mike and Melissa McCarthy plays Molly in the show centered around their battles with weight.

While anyone watching gets the point that they are both considered in the “overweight” category, labeling them obese is unnecessary.  Kelly further stated that watching this show would gross her out.  Actually her exact phrasing was “So anyway, yes, I think I’d be grossed out if I had to watch two characters with rolls and rolls of fat kissing each other”.


No one asked her opinion or asked for her unsolicited advice.  She further goes on to add her recommendations of how to stay “skinny”. Among her credentials listed there is not a dietician license nor medical degree.  

In the world we are living in, labels are hurtful and using these words have repercussions.  Unfortunately people use these labels and do not realize the actual harm they convey.   

As fortunate Americans we have been granted the right of free speech, but as humans we need to be responsible for our actions and words.  If one is so lucky to be hurtful and rude while being able to sleep at night (soundly), then so be it.

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Sensitivity should always be utilized when approaching a topic such as obesity or anorexia.  These are both severe emotional issues that are difficult to overcome.  While the show “Mike and Molly” is funny and rather successful in an intolerant world of differences, people like Maura Kelly exist as well.


Kelly has posted an apology of sorts under her article, where she claims she did not intend to be so “unproductive”.  While she starts out kind, she then goes on to restate percentages about obesity and the actors on the show.

Maura Kelly got one thing right, she was unproductive and insensitive. Lets just hope her statements don’t have the same impact bullying in the news has had lately. 

Check out her post here, or don’t because it is not worth reading.

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