Mike Huckabee: Hate, Lies, and Audio Files

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Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee delivers a speech about reforming the American healthcare system at the 2009 Annual Conference of the American Medical Group Association, at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, USA on March 4, 2009. Photo by Alexandra Buxbaum/ABACAUSA.COM (Pictured : Mike Huckabee) Photo via Newscom Photo via Newscom

Last week, former Arkansas governor and Republican Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee gave an interview to The Perspective, a College New Jersey magazine, in which he made some inflammatory remarks about gays and adoption by same-sex couples. He was quoted as comparing same-sex marriage to accommodating drug users and polygamists. He also called same-sex couple adoption and foster care an experiment, stating “children are not puppies.” At another point, he also criticized RNC Chairman Michael Steele for how party monies have been handled during his tenure.

After this information went beyond The Perspective‘s hands and into the wider world, Huckabee issued a statement lambasting the magazine for what he called an act of sensationalism. Further, he claimed the interviewer should find a different line of work and accused him of distorting what he had to say and overemphasizing his statements on same-sex marriage as well as claiming he was nothing but supportive of Steele in his remarks. He called for the unedited audio to be released.

The Perspective did so earlier today. Their response expressed regret that Huckabee felt it necessary to lambaste them and accuse them of poor intent, noting “politicians in damage-control mode often stoop to attacking the media.” They also noted that the claims he supported Steele were not true based on the content of the audio.

Since the audio proves the original article was correct in its content, I can only hope Huckabee plans to retract his accusations against The Perspective. This being unlikely, it is highly important for people in all political parties to remember his disingenuousness. Whether in favor of or opposed to same-sex marriage, it is foolhardy for someone to lie about his own words in these days of fast communication. If someone thinks he represents them well despite his clear taste for lying, they may want to think about why.

The audio is provided below.

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