Mike Tyson Talks Sarah Palin Sex Scandal

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Mike Tyson has something to say about Sarah Palin’s alleged relationship with NBA star Glen Rice, and his thoughts on the sex scandal might surprise you (or maybe not).

Mike has certainly been embracing his celebrity status since appearing in The Hangover, and appearing in the comedy seems to have convinced the boxer that he’s also a comedian — he attended Charlie Sheen’s Comedy Central roast to give the actor a verbal beatdown, and now he’s joking about Palin’s alleged relationship with NBA star with Rice (well, hopefully he was joking about what he said).

Joe McGinniss’ crazy new book, The Rogue: Searching For The Real Sarah Palin, is full of crazy allegations about things Sarah Palin did during her younger days, including snorting cocaine off of an oil drum. It also hints that she might have hooked up with Glen Rice back when she was a frizzy-haired sports reporter. However, the most scandalous part of this story is that she was dating Todd Palin at the time.

Anyway, the guys at KWWN ESPN Radio 1100 couldn’t resist asking heavyweight champ Mike Tyson to weigh in on what he thinks of the sex scandal, and according to With Leather, he had this to say: “Glen Rice is a wonderful man. He’s a wonderful guy. But you want her to be with somebody like [Dennis] Rodman getting up in there. Pushing her guts up in the back of her head!”

Given Mike’s history with women, it’s not surprising that he would use such violent imagery when talking about sex. He did have something somewhat nice to say about Sarah, however — he stated that she’s “not a bad person because she likes black people … at least in her.” Mike Tyson also found it rather delightful that Sarah Palin met “the wombshifter.”

Celebrity Apprentice star Dennis Rodman on ChopperMike is right about one thing — Sarah Palin and Dennis Rodman really would have made a cute couple (at least they both like motorcycles). Just imagine the Worm decked out in his wedding dress and Sarah in her “I May Be Broke, But I’m Not Flat Busted” T-shirt cruising around the world in his beloved boat, Sexual Chocolate. There would be no more worries about death panels, having to read all those pesky newspapers and magazines, Levi Johnston, getting the two Koreas mixed up, and what Paul Revere really did during his famous ride. Instead Sarah would be letting her hair down and dressing up in skimpy lingerie to film her new striptease workout video.

Sadly, there’s no way to see what would really happen in such an alternate universe, but at least something good can come out of the Rice allegations — Bristol Palin can tell her mother that she has no right to judge her for living with Kyle Massey.

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