Mila Kunis Admits to Being a Fan of ‘Star Trek’

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Mila Kunis, the beautiful star of ‘Friends with Benefits’, admits to being a major Star Trek fan. In fact, she’s proud to let everyone know that she’s a Trekker.

We aren’t talking about a little crush on Captain Kirk, here. Kunis loves everything about ‘Star Trek’, including all of its various derivations. Her favorite series is The Next Generation. However, she admits to loving Voyager and Deep Space Nine as well. While there is no mention of the original Star Trek series in GQ interview, she admits that Enterprise is her least favorite of the bunch. Sorry, Scott Bakula, but that’s unfortunately true with a lot of die-hard Trekkers.

Mila Kunis bets that her fans wouldn’t guess she has more than a few Star Trek figurines. She also has an autographed picture of Leonard Nimoy. According to the Hollywood beauty, her friends often given her gifts with a Star Trek theme; especially for her birthday.

J.J. Abrams should take note; Mila Kunis might make a very beautiful crew member for the upcoming ‘Star Trek’ sequel. Better still, maybe she could play a Romulan villainess. This could be too good an opportunity to pass up. Then Mila could collect her own Star Trek memorabilia along with her fans.

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