Mila Kunis Gets Interviewer Drunk! Unprofessional?

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She must be a great interview! Mila Kunis apparently got her GQ interviewer drunk on a wine and vodka concoction during a recent interview. The question is, is this professional?

Featureflash / Shutterstock.comAccording to reports, GQ magazine sent reporter Michael Idov to do a story on Mila after they had named her ‘Knockout of the Year.’ According to his story, he was feeling a bit under the weather when he showed up to interview Mila Kunis.

What started as the actress deciding to warm some red wine on the stove and mixing in a little tea turned into so much more. By the time she was done with the potent mixture, it had red wine, green tea powder, fish oil, apple cider vinegar, and some chai. There was also one other ingredient, Ketel One vodka to the mix.

It’ll make you feel better and it will make you drunk. I’ll get wasted with you on this wine…There. Healthy! This will kill everything.

For the actress who doesn’t take herself too seriously (read about that, here), Mila Kunis seems to be able to mix one mean hot wine, tea, vodka drink that will peel the paint of the walls.

Perhaps the point of the beverage is to make one so drunk they do not remember their sore throat. If this was the case, it sounds like Mila was triumphant! Who cares if it was professional!

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