Mila Kunis Gets Sexy GQ Award

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Mila Kunis is sexy and GQ knows it. So the men’s magazine decided to give the Black Swan actress a special award: Knockout of the Year.

And the reason this new title was bestowed upon the always appealing 28-year-old star?

Mila Kunis is “hot” and “funny” and “cool,” says GQ, who also calls out the Friends with Benefits star for the fact that she “speaks fluent Russian” and that she is “a ‘Family Guy’ voice.”

These all sound like valid reasons that made Mila hit her mark on the popular magazine, but there has to be more to the story than just those assets. Perhaps it’s also her other, more personal assets that pushed the powers that be at GQ to give Kunis that particular punch of a prize.

With that being said and that award being given, how does Mila Kunis feel about herself and her time in the spotlight? The thespian says, “I love what I do, but my theory is that it’s people who doubt what they do and want to prove it to you who are like [constantly saying], ‘It’s art. I create art. It’s art, art, art.'”

But that’s not the way for this creative chick.

In fact, what and who she is is somewhat due to certain circumstances. Or at least that’s what Mila claims. According to this popular performer, Kunis kind of fell into the business of show after moving from the Ukraine to Tinseltown with her parents who then needed someone to take care of their little girl.

As the movie star points out, “…there was this place advertised on the radio as a place to meet other kids—an acting class…[and since] my parents couldn’t afford a babysitter, they said, ‘Great, this takes up our Saturday.'”

And so, with Saturday covered, and with Mila Kunis able to grow up in the US surrounded by artsy pursuits, these days she still stays grounded while learning even more about what it is like to live and work in America. But it’s not expressly Hollywood that entertains the newly named Knockout of the Year. It’s New Jersey. Or at least the coast of the Garden State, and that influence is reflected in her choice of television fodder.

Said Kunis, “I’m someone else for 12 hours; I record ‘Family Guy'; and then I get to go home and watch ‘Jersey Shore.'”

And so with Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the MTV crew as inspiration and evening entertainment, Mila Kunis is just a regular Los Angeles girl. A regular Los Angeles girl who happens to have a remarkable career—and now a new title, too, thanks to GQ.

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