Mila Kunis Getting Fat, Frustrating Christian Dior and Ashton Kutcher?!

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Mila Kunis is ‘Esquire’ magazine’s ‘Sexiest woman’ of 2012. Just that fact alone makes the rumor of Mila making the fine folks at fashion giant Christian Dior upset because she has put on a couple of pounds sound completely nuts.

It may sound nuts, but that is what the tabloid rumor are saying. Mila has reportedly packed on the pounds ever since she started dating Ashton Kutcher. Thanks to a tabloid source, Mila is turning heads for all the wrong reasons.

“Since pairing with Ashton, she’s constantly photographed looking like a total mess. It’s not the image Dior wants to send,” claims a tabloid insider.

The tabloid goes on to claim that they think she is killing their brand equity because they didn’t put a “weight limit in the contract,” and they are “frustrated with how she looks.”

Is the tabloid looking at the same Mila Kunis that the rest of the world is looking at? Seriously! They even go so far as to say that Ashton Kutcher has started complaining about Mila’s weight.

Odds are that this tabloid source is completely full of it. Why would something so rude even be published? Why not, tabloids do this all the time, trying to knock down celebrities that have risen to the top. It just so happens that Mila has rocketed to the top of the mountain!

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