Mila Kunis Hacked: Nude Photos Found?

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Mila Kunis’ phone has been hacked! Luckily there weren’t any nude photos of her, so don’t expect to find any on the internet. There were, allegedly, some interesting photos of Justin Timberlake and some questionable text messages.

According to TMZ, the hacker found a couple of Mila Kunis by Gage Skidmorepictures of Justin Timberlake—one of him in a bed with his shirt off (could have been from the Friends with Benefits set)—and a picture of an unidentified male that was “explicit.” The big thing being questioned now are those text messages, which the hacker claims contain conversations between Mila and Justin.

While Timberlake was supposedly “broken up” from girlfriend Jessica Biel, many believed that he was involved with Kunis. The pair denied any romantic relationship (and if you remember, they groped each other on TV to prove it) and once things simmered down, JT and Biel got back together. And now this.

It’s unknown if those text messages will ever be made public, but depending on what they say, it could be the end of Justin and Jessica.

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