Mila Kunis Is a ‘GQ’ Man of the Year: Sex Still Sells

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GQ released the names and images of the men who will make up their “Men of the Year” for 2011. Among the honored are Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Jimmy Fallon, Michael Fassbender, and Mila Kunis. Yep…a woman. Why? Because she’s the “Knockout of the Year.” Why? Perhaps because she looks two steps away from a previous knockout with the overdone smokey eye GQ had painted on for her photo?

Seriously, it isn’t immediately evident what makes Mila Kunis GQ‘s knockout of the year over other women who are equally beautiful and accomplished a bit more during 2011. All Kunis really had going for her this year was a moderately successful summer film, the raunchy rom-com Friends with Benefits, and an awkward boob and crotch grab at the MTV Movie Awards with Justin Timberlake. Technically, a bit of her Black Swan love splashed into the first couple of months of 2011 but was largely obscured by Natalie Portman’s award show sweep in the early portion of the year.

Speaking of Natalie Portman. There is a true “Knockout of the Year.” Black Swan‘s star, star of the film No Strings Attached – an early 2011 version of Friends with Benefits, an award show sweeper, and an enchanting new mother. Maybe Natalie’s a bit too real and determined to qualify or accept such a title if asked.

Based on her interview in GQ earlier this year, Mila Kunis’s appeal seems to be her ability to be crude and handle a joke about male sexual organs just as good as a guy can. Future wannabe GQ hotties take note. Learn jokes about male body parts while keeping your female assets in tip-top shape to climb to the top in this magazine’s ranks!

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