Mila Kunis Kabbalah Convert? Ashton Kutcher’s Restaurant Demands Hold Clues!

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Is Mila Kunis turning into a Kabbalah convert? If she is, then boyfriend Ashton Kutcher may be to blame! Of course, sources close to Mila claim that the idea of Kunis changing religions may be a bit premature.

Just because Mila joined Ashton Kutcher for Rosh Hashanah celebrations back in September doesn’t mean that she is converting right? Goodness, though the two are dating, they are by no means a permanent item. Kutcher still hasn’t finalized his divorce from cougar Demi Moore.

Tabloid sources are quick to point out that going on dinner dates with Kutcher hasn’t cramped Mila Kunis’ style. ”Ashton is very serious about practicing Kosher,” claims a tabloid source. “His team call ahead [to restaurants] wherever he goes to make sure he won’t have a problem because there are also a number of foods he won’t eat. So far Mila hasn’t followed suit and has never made any dietary requests like Ashton.”

See… Mila isn’t “picky” about her food choices, so she must not be practicing Kabbalah, right?! Seems pretty logical. Oh those silly tabloids, always putting two and two together!

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