Mila Kunis Pregnancy Rumors of Ashton Kutcher’s Baby Addressed By Rep

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Mila Kunis has been rumored to be sporting a baby bump in recent days. Assumed baby daddy Ashton Kutcher has also been linked to the Black Swan actress as the pair have been photographed together frequently. The couple continue to deny their relationship as romantic and are sticking to their “only friends” story. After baby bump photos emerged, most fans are not buying their platonic friendship and are now hoping for a That ’70s Show baby!

While a Kunis/Kutcher baby would be super cute and an awesome collaboration in Hollywood, imagine how awful Kunis must feel? No woman, famous or not wants to be called pregnant when she is not. Unfortunately, Mila Kunis’ rep has denied the pregnancy rumors.

It is more likely that because the actress was at a unrealistically thin size due to filming Black Swan, people are just not used to her real weight.

She has always been petite and even back in That ’70s Show she was model thin. The actress is also nearly 30 years old and a woman’s body changes. Shame on reporters who though they saw a baby bump!

Mila Kunis looks beautiful even if she were to put on a few (or many) pounds. Right now though She is not pregnant and is still denying dating Ashton Kutcher. Maybe they are just waiting for Kutcher and Demi Moore’s divorce to be finalized.

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