Mila Kunis Saves Life of 50-Year-Old Man

Beautiful Mila Kunis proved herself worthy of comic book hero status recently. The actress saved the life of a 50-year-old man.

The gentleman in question was a guest in Mila’s home this past weekend. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he began choking. That caused him to bite his tongue, which led to blood spurting from his mouth.

Upon noticing that her guest was in trouble, Mila sprung into action. She held on to the man’s head and called for someone to call 911. Then she took the man’s wallet and placed it between his jaws, stopping him from biting his tongue further.

She soothed the frightened victim as best she could until help arrived. However, the lovely brunette didn’t consider that the end of it. She asked to accompany the man to the hospital, only giving up the idea when paramedics assured her it wasn’t necessary.

Thankfully, the gentleman has recovered from his ordeal, thanks to a quick-thinking Mila Kunis, paramedics and the staff of a local hospital. It’s certainly a rescue he won’t soon forget.

Mila is just the latest in a string of celebrity saves that have taken place this year. However, she may well be the prettiest.

It’s nice to know that Hollywood stars care about the average person. The public often views them as so far removed from reality that they seem to have lost their humanity. Thankfully that isn’t the case with Mila. She has beauty, brains, talent and compassion. That’s truly a winning combination.

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