Mildred Baena Claims She Was More of Wife to Schwarzenegger Than Maria Shriver Was

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Mildred Baena, mother of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s love child, is now claiming she was more of a wife to Arnold than Maria Shriver ever was. Ouch! That’s quite a nasty claim, now isn’t it?

According to Hollywood Life, Baena says Maria Shriver would leave the house in the mornings, and she would jump right into bed with Arnold. What is wrong with this woman?

First of all, Mildred Baena needs to remember her place. She was the mistress and Maria Shriver was the wife. Whether or not Arnold Schwarzenegger was with Maria for the right reasons or not (Kennedy money, Kennedy political prowess, etc.) she wasn’t married to Arnold. Maria was. Is. Oh, what tangled webs they’ve woven!

Perhaps Mildred Baena ought to shut her mouth. She is making herself look like the groveling, sexually deprived-until-she-started-having-sex-with-Arnold kind of woman she likely is. Shouldn’t she perhaps bear in mind she does have a child to think about?

The notion that Mildred Baena would climb into bed with Arnold Schwarzenegger for sex after Maria Shriver left the house each morning is disgusting enough–to brag about such actions makes one question this woman’s state of mind.

Alas this is just one of many, many stories that are bound to come from the twisted mess that was once the life of Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sadly, the public most likely hasn’t heard the end of these sad tales. However Mildred Baena should be silenced–if not for her own dignity (loose term, of course!) then for that of Maria Shriver and all the children involved in this sad state of affairs.

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