Miley Cyrus a Role Model? Yeah Right!

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Someone should tell Miley Cyrus that she give up the term “role model” when she gave up Hannah Montana. Miley has actually had the nerve to come out and say that she thinks she is a role model for girls. Sadly, many are not seeing the same thing that Cyrus seems to see in herself.

So, what gives? Miley Cyrus tells it how it is:

I take being a role model very seriously and that’s why I try so hard to relate to my fans. I’m not here to be something that I’m not. I feel like I can help them go through whatever it is they are going through and they can help me too.

Stop the presses… She takes being a role model “very seriously?” Somehow, Miley forgot that when she laughed about being a junky and casually smoking pot on her birthday. Oh, and the plunging necklines at a gala event that cause every tabloid to say she had a boob job? That is clearly role model material.

Quick, parents! Cover your young girls’ ears and eyes; Miley is talking again! If Miley Cyrus were serious about being a role model for young fans, she would cut out the rebellious act and start acting like a civilized human, not just some brat, punk teenager.

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