Miley Cyrus All Bandaged Up, Leaving Doctor! Is She Okay?

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Miley Cyrus was back in the news on Wednesday. This time, the news has nothing to do with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, her new haircut, or some crazy wardrobe malfunction. No, Miley was spotted leaving a doctor’s office with her mom by the paparazzi.

Is Miley okay? Well, the photographs seem to show Miley and her mom Tish with neon bandages wrapped around their arms. An inside source says that the doctor’s visit wasn’t as serious as this celebrity’s visit was. No, it was just a routine check-up.

Miley Cyrus had complained on Twitter (a place she often voices her concerns to ask for a little sympathy) that she had an ear ache. Still bandages on the arm have nothing to do with a possible ear infection.

One thing is for sure, Miley certainly doesn’t seem worse for the wear on her trip to the doctor, opting for casual attire… leggings and a loose-fitting shirt.

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