Miley Cyrus Already Regretting Her Extreme Hair? She Hides Behind Liam Hemsworth

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Miley Cyrus is a pretty provocative young entertainer; one who has shocked and amazed many with everything from her engagement to Liam Hemsworth to her boundaries-pushing Twitter posts, her tattoos and her skin-baring style. So it would seem that nothing the singer-actress now does would surprise, but her recent extreme, androgynous haircut has done just that.

The edgy, closely cropped ‘do, dyed in peroxide platinum, is a far cry from any sort of look Cyrus, 19, has rocked before and certainly frames her face in an entirely different and far less girly light. She’s generally trended more towards the super-long, extension-laden locks, only lately switching to a more manageable shoulder-length style that was still feminine and flirty–when it wasn’t piled atop her head in her signature bun. (Guess the new cut spells the end to Miley Cyrus’s Bun Twitter page!)

And while Cyrus has powerfully stood up for her radical hair, apparently claiming that she loves it and that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks and that Liam Hemsworth loves it, too, one of her latest public appearances could lead one to believe that she’s perhaps not thinking her stylist’s scissor action was such “shear” perfection.

File:82nd Academy Awards, Miley Cyrus - army mil-66456-2010-03-09-180301.jpgCyrus stepped out with Hemsworth in Philadelphia, where he’s shooting Paranoia, but seemed practically paranoid herself, hiding behind her hunky Australian fiancé as the paparazzi snapped away. In one of the pics, posted on Huffington Post, she’s even pulling her half-unbuttoned plaid shirt up to her face and trying to shield her head–and her hair. It definitely didn’t look like she was having more fun as a bold blonde during this night out!

She could have just been playing coy, or purposefully annoying the shutterbugs by blocking them from a clear shot of her barely-there tresses–after all, she is a fan of doing her own self-promotion via tweeted self-portraits. Or maybe she really is having second thoughts about the razor-sharp ‘do, as it may not translate as well once she tries on a wedding gown. She could always go back to extensions!

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