Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato Joke on Twitter About Miley’s Moustache?

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Former Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato seem to be joking around a bit on Twitter as of Tuesday night. The two female celebs were tweeting about a particular costume that Miley was wearing at a party.

It all started with Miley jokingly tweeting to her good friend Cheyne Thomas that if he wasn’t so busy tweeting, he could be at the party she was at. Apparently Miley was goofing around and putting on some sort of disguise at the party she was at. She tweeted to Cheyne:

@CheyneThomas if you weren’t so busy tweeting you could’ve been at the prop party already! Currently rocking a blonde mustache w a bow tie!

Miley and Cheyne’s friend Demi Lovato chimed in with:

@CheyneThomas: @ddlovato @mileycyrus tweet a picture or it didn’t happen hahaha ;) hahaha!!! YES!!!!

Which prompted Miley to tweet back:

@ddlovato haha. look like wayyyyyy to much of a dork to post it on twitter! haha. now i am an elf with a mustache & a top hat!!!!

That sort of Miley Cyrus picture on Twitter would certainly go viral fast. It’s ironic how she seems afraid to post a silly picture of her with a costume on. How would it be any worse than some of the racy pics she has posted or those that the paparazzi take? Not only that, Miley needs to have more fun and act silly with social media, especially after some of the controversies she’s been through. It’s a good way to show fans her goofy side, rather than the pot (er, salvia) bong smoking side!

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