Miley Cyrus and Friends Engage in Hookah Party

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Miley Cyrus claims she’s not the same wild child photographed smoking salvia from a bong back in 2010, yet she got down and dirty with her girlfriends at a hookah party recently.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, smoking a hookah isn’t illegal. But no one said what they were burning inside of it.

Similar to a Miley Cyrusbong, one can fill their hookah with whatever substance they choose to smoke, and the last time Miley filled hers up it was salvia. And while that’s not illegal either, it still can make you high.

Miley and her pals clearly enjoyed this recent hookah party just prior to the former Hannah Montana star cutting her hair. If you check out the photos featured on the Hollywood Life link above, you’ll be hard-pressed not to think these girls are all pretty high.

Do you think Miley Cyrus is reverting to her crazy, partying ways? Or did she perhaps never really stop it in the first place?

Does Liam Hemsworth know his fiancée is involved in this type of activity? How about Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus?

Is it time someone comes down hard on Miley to stop her partying ways before the “Party in the USA” singer goes too far, and jeopardizes both her relationship with Liam and her career?

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