Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Engaged: Getting Married for the Wrong Reason?

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have only recently gotten engaged, but there’s already a swirl of news and gossip surrounding their relationship and their impending nuptials. Some have speculated that they’re too young to tie the knot; others have urged a long engagement; an industry exec reminisced about their first meeting and kiss on a movie set; and still others are just waiting to see what wedding dress Cyrus will select. But a new report has raised eyebrows, as to whether or not she and her Hunger Games guy might be getting married for the wrong reason.

Cyrus has not been shy in showing off via Twitter and in public her incredible happiness about that ring on her finger. But did Hemsworth propose due to an ultimatum, nay near threat, issued by his girlfriend?

One insider is not holding back on his or her perspective on the situation. “Miley is feeling insecure about her career right now and about her relationship. Liam’s career is skyrocketing and Miley is afraid that he will eventually dump her, so she gave him an ultimatum. ‘Marry me or I will dump you,'” revealed a source, as Hollywood Life confirms.

Previous reports have alluded to the fact that Miley Cyrus may be in a bit of a career lull, especially since her latest flick LOL didn’t do so well at the box office. And it is true that Hemsworth is a hot topic now with his Hunger Games success. But it seems somewhat unlikely this would lead her to threaten to dump her main man—or that he would agree to the big commitment of marriage at such an ultimatum.

File:Miley Cyrus - Wonder World Tour 5 cropped.jpgThe insider added insult to injury by saying, “Miley has so many issues to work out right now and getting married is just a distraction. She has absolutely no direction from her parents… they just want Liam to take care of Miley, so they don’t have to.” Ouch, this source certainly wasn’t shy in saying how he or she really feels.

As Hollywood Life says, hopefully this couple is getting married for the “right reasons,” and will have their happy ever after in what can be a relationship-challenging world of paparazzi, fame, and fortune. After all, they have been together on and off for several years. In a romance outside of Hollywood, an engagement would only be the next natural step!

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