Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Having Relationship Problems? Her Suggestive Twitter Post

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Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may seem like an incongruous couple (she the rebel entertainer with the country roots and he the hot Australian actor-hunk), but they have a relatively longstanding relationship, albeit it has been an off-and-on one. But it would seem they are most definitely “on” for the long haul now, as he recently took things to the next level via an engagement ring. It was a move that took many by surprise for the relatively young stars–but were the naysayers right in claiming the couple would never last?

Cyrus recently posted some rather provoking words to her Twitter page, which is nothing new. The singer-actress is no stranger to provocative posts, whether they be of the skin-baring kind or the controversial subject variety. But this tweet has raised the question if she and Hemsworth may be experiencing some trouble in paradise.

File:82nd Academy Awards, Miley Cyrus - army mil-66456-2010-03-09-180301.jpg“Love is a battle; love is a war; love is growing up,” Cyrus tweeted, as Entertainmentwise confirms. She continued waxing philosophical by saying, “To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving.”

Deep stuff for the Twitter-verse, but she kind of has a point on the whole “love” thing. It is a “battlefield.” But do these pearls of wisdom really mean she’s on the outs, even temporarily, with Hemsworth? Probably not. Plus she seems too enamored with the idea of “love” to leave it.

But there have been some rumors of late that Miley Cyrus was hanging around a bit too much while Liam Hemsworth was filming Paranoia in Philadelphia, and really getting on his nerves. And now, gossip-y buzz has pegged the starlet as needing an intervention, although those claims have been handily denied. She did just pull a really drastic hair stunt, though, dying her strands a peroxide blonde then chopping them to a sheer crop. It was a seemingly strange move for a bride-to-be, although Hemsworth openly claimed he loved her new ‘do. Well, at least that’s not the cause of any lovers’ quarrels!

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