Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Shouldn’t Marry, Says Expert

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Miley Cyrus seems to constantly be in the news for pushing the boundaries with her provocative, revealing ensembles (just lately showing off another instance of bra-less exhibitionism). But now that she has a steady romance going with hunky actor Liam Hemsworth, some of the focus has shifted from that flaunt factor to the big M-word: Marriage.

Although she’s only 19, and Hemsworth, 22, there have already been rumors spreading around that she might soon be shopping for wedding gowns. Some of that chatter was Cyrus-fueled, though, as the singer-actress recently posted to Twitter a photo of a ring on that special finger. While it’s not clear what the Cyrus clan thinks of a potential wedding, Hemsworth’s brother, Chris, shot down the likelihood and said he can’t see it. Now, a third-party expert from VH1’s Tough Love: New Orleans is speaking out about his own take-no-prisoners opinion and it’s rather like Chris’s!

“The girl is not trying to get married right now,” said Steve Ward of Miley Cyrus. His rationale? Apparently, Ward saw the star at a club and that made up his mind. “She had her friends around her. She is not trying to get married at the moment.” Well, just because she was surrounded by a group of besties doesn’t mean marriage isn’t in the cards. But, Steve Ward does have a point. Cyrus still seems focused on the party lifestyle her celebrity status affords. No sense in settling down just yet.

As Hollywood Life reports, Ward even added, “It’s a terrible mistake to consider marriage before the age of 25. You haven’t grown up enough…” That’s probably a good point, too, especially in the Hollywood world, where couples not only have to manage their own maturity and personal relationships, but contend with a constant spotlight and the pressure of the paparazzi. Again, no sense for anyone, much less Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, to rush the walk down the aisle. There are already too many unhappily ever afters as it is.

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