Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth to Marry Three Times

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Miley Cyrus plans to marry Liam Hemsworth a total of three times. There will apparently be weddings taking place in Los Angeles, Tennessee and Australia–all some time during 2013.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Miley’s wedding budget is set at $1 million dollars and the former Hannah Montana star will wear a different wedding gown at each of her three weddings.

While Miley cyrus & Liam hemsworthit’s understandable that Miley and Liam might want to hold a wedding in Australia for those friends and family members of Liam Hemsworth who can’t travel to the U.S., it seems a bit exorbitant to have two weddings here in the U.S. Certainly those family members and friends can either get to L.A. or Tennessee for the nuptials. And if not–she and the Hunger Games star can likely splurge on a few extra airline tickets and hotel rooms.

Miley Cyrus tends to become awfully overwhelmed by stress at times. Do you think planning three weddings in the same year might push her over the edge? Some have wondered if her relationship with Liam Hemsworth will even make it to the altar–and that’s when there was only one altar to think about. Hopefully this won’t prove to be too much for the young couple. With a $1 million budget, Miley can certainly afford to hire some help!

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