Miley Cyrus Asian Racist Photo

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In an awesome effort to take attention away from her recent racy photo, Miley Cyrus added Asian racism to her portfolio. Trying her damndest to torpedo her career before she even becomes legal Miley Cyrus decided Asian racism must have seemed the next logical step.

But maybe it’s not that bad. So let’s take a look at Miley Cyrus’s alleged Asian racism:



Oh.  My.  Uhm…


But because I like hopeless causes, I will try to spin this story like Miley’s self-appointed PR. In fact Miley Cyrus and her friends are not racist. They… Uh… Uhm…

Nope; couldn’t do it. That is definitely Miley Cyrus Asian Racism (a new tweeny variety Disney will soon try and market). In a further development, Miley was asked to respond to these allegations, but did not have time because she was off to pick up those big novelty buck-teeth and a rice-picker’s hat.

That’s right before she was off for her new starring role in a black-face rendition of Amos and Andy.



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