Miley Cyrus Bares Body Parts in Seductive Gown

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Miley Cyrus bared body parts yet again in a gorgeous, but very seductive gown. There wasn’t much at all between Miley’s dress and completely bare breasts. Why does this young woman continue dressing so provocatively?

According to Hollywood Life, Miley was gorgeous at the American Giving Awards on Friday, but one false move and she’d have had way more than the typical nip slip. She would have offered cameras a boob barrage.

Miley Cyrus [:Why do 19-year-old girls like Miley feel they need to bare all for their fans? Miley is a singer and an actress. And what do you suppose the parents of all those young fans who adore her as Hannah Montana must be thinking? (Aside from ‘Put some clothes on, Miley Cyrus!)

It’s high time for Dad Billy Ray Cyrus to step in and tell his church-going daughter to cover up or else. Had her dress for this particular event had just a bit more fabric or some obvious built-in support, it wouldn’t have appeared as though Miley Cyrus was a ticking time bomb–ready to burst her bust into the faces of audience members and fans.

You can see Miley’s dress for yourself here. Do you think some modifications would have been a good idea?

Fortunately side-boob was all that Miley Cyrus exposed during the American Giving Awards. However one slight move of bending over, moving swiftly or even turning in an awkward position would have made her act of ‘giving’ take on a whole new meaning.

It’s time to cover up–at least a little bit more, Miley Cyrus! Seductive dressing means leaving something to the imagination, and you’re not leaving nearly enough. And besides–you’re 19. You’ve got plenty of time to play seductress–perhaps after you’ve grown up a little bit.

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