Miley Cyrus Bares More Skin Following Pot Scandal

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Nothing seems to deter Miley Cyrus from perfecting her ‘bad girl’ image. Even after last week’s pot scandal where she announced on her birthday that she was a ‘stoner,’ she still didn’t hesitate to show some skin during a photo shoot this week.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, this example of Miley’s exhibitionist tendencies was a bit milder than most. No actual unmentionable body parts were exposed, but she showed way more skin than most parents want to see their 19-year-old daughter sharing with the public.

Miley Cyrus :)At a photo shoot with renown celebrity photographer Adam Bouska, Miley didn’t strip down, but she didn’t leave a lot to the imagination either. Her sheer top revealed a sexy, skimpy black bra underneath and the suggestive power of a young woman wearing much less. Why does Miley Cyrus feel she needs to constantly expose herself this way? Is she afraid her popularity can’t be carried by her singing abilities alone?

After the pot scandal on Miley Cyrus’s birthday, where she basically admitted to smoking lots of weed and called herself a ‘stoner,’ one would think she’d be working her sexy little butt off trying to redeem herself–most especially with the parents of her young fans. If she continues developing this ‘bad girl’ persona, the parents of those preteens are going to prohibit their kids from buying her records, t-shirts and everything else the former Hannah Montana star is selling. These parents want something akin to the Hannah Montana image from Miley Cyrus. Sure, she’s grown past Hannah, but does she have to grow into the image of a pot-smoking slut?

Here’s a shot from Miley Cyrus’s photo shoot with Adam Bouska. No, it’s not borderline risqué, but it does seem daring for a 19-year-old. Do you think Miley should be toning things down, especially in light of the recent pot scandal?

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