Miley Cyrus Birthday – Turns 18 – Caught Necking with Nickelodeon Star Avan Jogia? See-Through Shirts and Skin Tight Clothes…

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Miley Cyrus celebrated her 18th birthday by being as naughty as she could!  A photo caught someone, perhaps Nickelodeon star Avan Jogia, sucking away at Miley’s neck while she was pressed against a bar in a club at 2am! Miley Cyrus definitely enjoyed it by the expression on her face.

20'' Miley Cyrus Style Full Lace Wig Chinese Remy HairIn the ?photo, ?the young celebrity was obviously proclaiming to the world that she has entered adulthood. Look at the see-through clothing, the skin-tight pants, the heels, the sultry make-up and it’s a safe bet, she is not a child and probably lost her innocence a long time ago.

Nowadays, children tend to mature earlier. For a child star, the transition from child to adult seems faster. As for ?Miley Cyrus?, she is finally legal to be crazy. So, what is next for the troubled celebrity? Will she go down the same path as Lohan or will she become more like Emma Watson?

One thing is certain. Miley Cyrus likes to have a good time and she doesn’t care if cameras catch her making out with men. It could be Avan Jogia, it could be someone else, but when it comes to pleasures of the body, Miley will stop and take it. If cameras catch her, who cares. For more stories like these, click here.

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