Miley Cyrus Black Lingerie on Satin Sheets Photo Not Leaked

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Miley Cyrus haters complain about so many “inappropriate” images of the 18-year-old singer that it’s obviously getting hard to tell the difference between the offending pics. A case in point is the recently “leaked” photo of the former Hannah Montana star sprawled semi-spreadeagled on a satin-sheet covered bed clad in lacy black lingerie and staring at her iPhone. Miley haters—er—watchers wondered if the pic had somehow been leaked while Miley was trading “illicit” photos. Yikes.

The Miley Cyrus bedroom photo, which you can see by clicking here, doesn’t make it clear whether it was taken with or without her knowledge and consent. Well, La Cyrus’ fans and foes alike can breathe easily. The pic wasn’t leaked nor was it even taken without her knowledge. It’s a still from her 2010 music video, Who Owns My Heart. Duh. Because it came out at a time when Miley Cyrus was being criticized as a “good girl gone bad” for daring to dress and behave like an adult woman, with the right to own and express her sexuality, everybody jumped to hysterical conclusions. Well, surprise, surprise. It was all a mistake. Or a hoax. Either way, end of story.

Note: By the way, Miley Cyrus is an adult woman who has the right to express her sexuality. All adult human beings have that right whether they’re male or female.

Just saying. You go, Miley.

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