Miley Cyrus’ Braless Twitter Pic Shows Side Boobage

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Miley Cyrus went braless again! Shocking! This time she tweeted a photo of herself in an ’80s shirt owned by her “besties mom.” Ah yes, the bare shouldered look… wasn’t that the “hippest” ever in the ’80s? See the photo via Yfrog.

Gypsy Heart TourHowever, what was more fascinating than the 18-year-old’s inner side boobage showing was that spectacular bathroom Cyrus was in. The glass surrounded tub and shower combination with what looks like a square shower head was pretty amazing. If that’s Miley Cyrus’ bathroom, you can tell she likes clean sleek lines.

Anyhow, back to braless Miley. Needless to say the singing sensation is causing sensations of another sort with her free-spirited braless ways. Frankly, it’s Cyrus’ body and they are her breasts so who cares. Obviously, it doesn’t bother her much if people stare since according to Miley’s recent tweet, “I am who I am! #braless”

This photo comes just days after photos of a braless and nippy Miley were snapped as she was shopping at Toluca Lake with a friend. From the looks of it, there’s a marketing concept that comes to mind: Sex sells! It’s rather brilliant and might be completely unintentional. What better way for a “barely legal” singer to trump up some controversy for ticket sales than to announce her love of being braless? With her upcoming tour just weeks away, Miley Cyrus’ love of being free from restrictions is coming in handy.

The more “is Miley Cyrus not wearing a bra a big deal?” headlines there are, the better it is for her pocketbook! At this point, she may want to even create a line of comfortable bras that she can market at her concerts. Miley might not wear them herself but she will be able to sell them to her fans.

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