Miley Cyrus Buys Expensive New Car!

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Miley Cyrus bought herself an expensive new gift. The former Hannah Montana star recently purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz. Cyrus reportedly spent about $127,000 on her new set of wheels. (Talk about splurging!)

Miley’s boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, did not accompany the singer/actress out during her car shopping trip. However, Cyrus wasn’t alone. She took her bodyguard with her, and drove off the lot in a hot new ride.

Miley Cyrus could use something to cheer her up. (Besides Liam Hemsworth!) The star has had a rough week. It all started when she took heat for posing in a compromising position next to a racy birthday cake. The photos were plastered all over the web, and created a ton of backlash for Miley.

Then, earlier this week, Cyrus announced that she injured herself at home while trying to do a flip on to her couch. Miley reportedly cracked her tailbone. So, hopefully, her new car has very padded seats!

While Miley Cyrus is allowed to spend her money on anything she wishes, that the $127,000 could have been used in a better way. Cyrus could have purchased a less expensive car, and donated the rest of that money to a worthy charity. It seems celebrities have no concept of smart spending. At least it helped the economy, right?

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