Miley Cyrus Caught in Another Nude Photo and Drug Scandal

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Miley Cyrus finds herself, once again, caught up in a “nude” photo scandal and another drug scandal. Though, the term nude or naked is being used loosely this time around. According to National Enquirer, a photo of Cyrus flashing her left breast is circulating around her inner crowd. The damning photo was supposedly taken back in 2008 when the former Disney darling was still underage. The drug scandal is, of course, over her recent admission to being a pot head. Though she claims that was just a joke.

Signed Cyrus, Miley 8x10 PhotoThe tabloid says they have seen the shocking picture of the then 16-year-old pulling “down her white tank top to reveal her left breast.” Word of her sexy picture has reached her father, Billy Ray Cyrus’ ears and he is livid. Naturally, any parent would be upset if their underage daughter was freely exposing herself for kicks.

An insider said, “Billy Ray read Miley the riot act! He told her in no uncertain terms that she could seriously damage her career. But Miley has told her dad that she’s almost 20 years old and an adult now. She’s no longer a Disney princess!”

Being a Disney princess seems to be the last thing Cyrus wants to be. She has honed her bad girl image into something Britney Spears only dreamed about. As an adult, Miley Cyrus can now do what she wants, when she wants with her body. Frankly, even if the “nude” photo is authentic, it probably won’t damage her career since she’s gone above and beyond to damage her image and here she is, still rocking it to sold out stadiums. Damage? What damage?

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