Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot: Is Miley Deliberately Exposing Herself?

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Miley Cyrus is the topic of a huge scandal since a new Photo surfaced of Miley with an exposed crotch.

The photo was taken during Miley’s 2010 MuchMusic Video Awards performance, where the young star wore a very controversial outfit.

Considering this is the second “crotch shot” to surface of Cyrus this month, and there are plenty of other photos of a scantily clad Cyrus, it is easy to see why the 17 year old singer is under fire.

There has been a lot of outrage over Miley’s controversial outfits, and as of late it appears Cyrus is insistent on not wearing panties.  Perez Hilton was under fire recently for posting a picture of cyrus, but it seems Cyrus likes the attention it has gotten her.

Here is a link to the picture, and you can clearly see that not only is Miley in a very revealing outfit, but she is also almost completely exposed.

The Shocking photo has me wondering if  Miley is not  going out of her way to expose herself.  It seems she has definitely been seen in a lot of photos recently in which she is partially exposed.

Miley turns 18 later this year, so maybe this is a rebellious stage in which Miley is attempting to prove she is all grown up, and can play with the big girls now.

Do you think Miley is exposing herself on purpose?  What would you do if it were your daughter?  What happened to this once squeaky clean role model?



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