Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot – Is Miley the Next Britney Spears? (Photo)

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Looking for the Miley Cyrus crotch shot? It is just the latest in the list of Miley Cyrus scandals.  First there was Miley Cyrus pole dancing, then she simulated kissing a girl, then the racy “Can’t Be Tamed” video.  Don’t forget the Miley Cyrus upskirt photo scandal, which has Perez Hilton posting an upskirt photo of Miley supposedly not wearing any underwear (which was a huge problem for him considering the fact that she is underage)!  Now, there’s the latest Miley Cyrus crotch photo, when her skimpy outfit at the mmva awards revealed a little more than probably even Miley was expecting.

I get it, she wants to be perceived as an adult, not as kid star “Hannah Montana”.  But she could elevate her art to a more mature level instead of taking the Britney Spears path to the dark side.  Britney Spears went from cute little Disney Mouseketeer to super ho in no time.  The sexy outfits, making out with Madonna, marrying K-Fed, and the long list of Britney Spears upskirt photos where she DEFINITELY wasn’t wearing any underwear…  Miley is just the hot target right now, and this too shall pass, but in the meantime, get it together!  Sure, Miley Cyrus (like Britney Spears) lacks the god-given talent that Christina Aguilera or Lady Gaga has, but she doesn’t have to stoop sooooo low to get the attention she wants!

Here’s to hoping that Miley can stay out of the trailer park!

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