Miley Cyrus Crotch Shot Scandal – No Big Deal to Her?

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Miley Cyrus’s recent crotch shot at the MuchMusic Awards show made it clear that Cyrus is not afraid to show a lot of skin. She’s on the verge of becoming an adult and I’m sure she wants everyone to know she has the goods of a woman.

It’s interesting her parents or handlers or agents haven’t spoken out about the crotch reveal or defended it. Miley Cyrus hasn’t come forward to defend her choice of outfits either, which leads me to believe…this was probably expected of the white outfit ( that spilled her goods).

I’m also certain it’s no big deal to Cyrus because that crotch image is probably going to be the most famous crotch shot of any celebrity! And if Cyrus could have it her way…I’m sure she is set on ruling the world. A bit of a crotch shot along the way doesn’t hurt when worldwide domination is the plan!

I guess to everyone else…it is a big deal because Cyrus is a teen idol, she’s adored by millions of girls. What are the parents going to tell their little girls about this image?

Miley Cyrus may just be very confident with her body and is not ashamed that others can enjoy what she has… I’ll leave it up to you to decide.       The infamous image can be seen here.


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