Miley Cyrus Cuffed By Fashion Police

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This weekend, Miley Cyrus was scrutinized by the Fashion Police for a mismatched outfit she wore while hanging out at home. She had on a see-through white shirt with skimpy black bra underneath and skin tight pants (OK, leggings) that rocked a very busy print reminiscent of the 1970s.

In fact, Miley tweeted the picture of herself, saying in a caption, “It was just one of those CUHHH-RAZY pant days.”

That’s for sure. And the FP team seemed to agree even though there were defenders on the panel, like the former Hannah Montana star’s close friend Kelly Osbourne who said that she thinks “it is nice to see someone her age [19] standing up and becoming her own woman.” Then Ozzy’s kid and keen fashion arbiter added, “She is going to make a few mistakes.”

For sure. And why not? That’s what experimentation is (almost) all about.

Still, Melissa Rivers was on hand to talk about what Miley Cyrus wore when she paired these two obscure items together and then threw on some Doc Martens to boot. Rivers liked the pants and she liked the shirt, but, as she put it, “I don’t like them together” while quickly adding, “but I like this new rocker Miley.”

Meanwhile, Joan Rivers had to get in one of her quips, this one about Cyrus’ choice of pants. She said, “If they were any tighter, they would be Bruce Jenner’s face.”

Another failed attempt at really raucous humor, some giggles came forth as Miley Cryus was cuffed by the Fashion Police for what she wore and what she photographed herself wearing on one crazy day in August.

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