Miley Cyrus dead? Think again!

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The internet’s becoming a breeding ground for nasty rumors when it comes to celebrities, and in recent months there’s been a ton of rumors about celebrities dying.  The most recent to be a recipient of the harsh treatment is Hannah Montana.  Someone must have started a rumor that Miley Cyrus is dead, but in fact the young superstar is alive and kicking.  Other superstars reported dead include Kanye West and Britney Spears, both of whom have been top internet searches in recent times.

While Miley isn’t six feet under, she almost killed her music career.  She was part of a recent controversy involving her song lyrics to “Party in the USA”.  In the song she mentions listening to her favorite Jay-Z song on the radio.  In an interview, Miley admitted to not having a favorite Jay-Z song, let alone hearing his music.  She also added that the song wasn’t written by her, so in fact someone else made up the lyrics.

Don’t worry though, the “Miley Cyrus dead” rumor is a false report.  Miley will continue making music and selling out shows, and maybe cut a duet track with Jay-Z soon.

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